Welcome to the official DHS Class of '97 reunion page. We are just getting started on planning an awesome evening so stay tuned for details, dates, venues, etc. In the meantime if you want to help here is how you can:
  • Find our missing classmates. Not everyone has Facebook (I know right?!) so we need to get in touch with those who don't. Share email addresses or phone numbers with the planning team so we can invite EVERYONE! Or just give people this website address. 
  • Sponsor (or find someone who will)! The cheaper we can keep it for everyone the more people we can get to attend and the better the party will be so if you know of or are a business owner, share the love and we will share your company name with everyone!
  • Help us, help you! Do you own a print shop? Are you a caterer? A DJ? We would love to support our classmates by using their services so make sure and speak up! 
  • Donate your time, energy and talents... lets face facts: we are some pretty amazing indivudals so..... share the love and help us out with your skills.